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Introduce Lovely

Lovely is a font which created with special touch to giving beautiful and attractive look. Type of modern calligraphy also included in Lovely, it’s very suitable if applied to every design such as poster designs, signatures, logos, quotes, album covers, business cards, product designs, and many other design projects.

Lovely has 2 different fonts which are tails for decoration. it will be very easy to use. For example to use the tail on the begining of the word, you only need to change the family font to “Lovely Swashes Tail”

example :
If you want to type “lovely” using the front tail swash and back tail swash, select the font “lovely swashes tail” then press (Shift (L) then the letter L changes to front tail swash. Then choose “lovely script font” to use it normally and then type “ovel” and then select again “lovely swashes tail “and type (y) then the letter (y) will change to rear tail swash.

to display TT ligatures with swashes using “lovely script”
type (bracketleft) example “[+ tt” = Front tail swash. and (bracketright) example “tt +]” = rear tail swash

basically this will be very easy to use
Lovely Script.otf (has all the features) ligature [tt = front tail swash and tt] = back tail swash
Lovely Swashes Tail.otf (uppercase = front tail swash and lowercase = rear tail swash

What is include :

  • Lovely.Otf
  • Lovely.Ttf
  • Lovely.Woff
  • Lovely Swashes Tail.Otf
  • Lovely Swashes Tail.Ttf
  • Lovely Swashes Tail.Woff

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