Breadley Sans - Modern Sans Serif

by Ardyana Types

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The quick brown jumps over the lazy dog

Introducing Breadley Sans,

a modern, elegant tagline sans serif type look. This font equipped with 5 levels of thickness, from thin to black suits your needs.

Pairs well with modern san serifs and scripts as pictured, or stands strongly on its own as a heading and brand representative for an elegant look.

This Breadley Sans overcome with the professional modern characteristic font which could bring elegant and appealing identity to your company for business utilities use like business card, name tag, uniform as brand elevation

Advertising usage? sure! This modern Breadley Sans Serif typeface obviously fit to embossed as a letter signboard or even splash it along your office with an elegant look cutting sticker.

The type shape of this elegant Breadley Sans, also stunning for books cover or magazine writing

You can view all of the available characters in the screenshots above, and you can try out the modern & elegant of Breadley Sans now for any design matter

Breadley Sans is also equipped with many languages, so it is easy to use for any country and language usage, and also equipped with Ligatures and alternative stylistic to make your design more attractive.

A guide to accessing all alternatives can be read at

  • Adobe Photoshop go to Window – glyphs
  • Adobe Illustrator go to Type – glyphs

Thank you and have a nice day

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